My Day in Newport Beach CA

It’s no secret that I love to travel. Travel is fun, exciting and something I do almost every weekend. I’ve visited each one of the fifty states, but still enjoy exploring local areas I haven’t been too before. One area I’ve recently visited is Newport Beach, CA.


Newport Beach, CA is an exciting area, and the 24 hours I was able to spend there wasn’t enough for me; I’m certainly planning on coming back soon.


My very first trip in Newport Beach, CA was to their local Chamber of Commerce, which I found at their website I enjoyed the experience, and it was very relaxed while still very professional at the same time. They had great recommendations about where to go and visit.


From there, I was able to do a lot of exciting things. There are so many exciting local beaches, and I couldn’t visit them all. I was able to fit two in my visit, though, and I visited the Newport Beach Tier.


Overall, the trip was affordable, fun and easy. I can’t recommend visiting this location highly enough if you enjoy fun and exciting travel that’s also cheap. With so many local, free destinations, this is a must visit location for me and one I certainly plan on visiting again.


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